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Christmas wreath pngdrop, Christmas wreath image

Christmas wreath pngdrop, Christmas wreath image,
Christmas wreath pngdrop, Christmas wreath image

Christmas decoration PNG, Christmas wreath png

Christmas wreath making is an exciting task in the run up to Christmas. Whether you want to make a traditional Christmas wreath or get creative with some stylish modern alternative designs, we’ve got the perfect wreath for you.

Browse our collection of practical how-to projects and videos, and find out how to make anything from a classic Christmas wreath to ‘cool-themed’, contemporary and even wildlife-friendly takes on the original wreath design. There’s an abundance of plant material in winter that’s perfect for making a wreath, from the red berries of hawthorn and pyracantha to the tawny hues of last summer’s seedheads. See what you can gather from your garden or local park, but be careful not to take too many seeds or berries so there’s plenty left for the birds.

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